2019-05-24 Contemporary night, Kampala

The Contemporary Night on the 24th of May 2019 took place at the rooftop at Alliance Francaise in Kampala, Uganda. It was put together by DREA’s new Creative Director Fazil On YU and it presented three performances.

Below are the short synopsis and lineup of the event performance program.

Poetry act by Kagayi Ngobi; a spirit medium reads the signs of the present and appeals to the nation and ancestors to intervene in the chaos the country is headed for.

Kagayi Ngobi is a performance poet and an author, some of his works include; Headline that morning, and other poems, his works have been staged in a number of theatre productions by various performance artists in Uganda and beyond.

‘FREEDUMD’ – 20 minutes
Freedumb is a solo piece performed and choreographed by Joel Talemwa, it’s a dance piece created to help people in the present world to evoke the racial oppressive history of our ancestors, in order to focus their consciousness on racism, protest and fight against it in case such of the past events tend to happen again.

Joel Talemwa is a Ugandan born dance artist from Nabulagala, exposed and experienced in different aspects and skills of dance culture. He has already been lined up and performed at various festivals like brave kids Poland, Hip-hop for society, contemporary dance night, etc.

‘FALSE MANIFESTOS’ – 40 minutes
False manifestos is a contemporary dance piece performed by spot lite crew and choreographed by Fazil On Yu which takes us through a journey of deception and self-deception in politics between the leaders and masses, a declaration of false policies, motives and intentions of leaders to their masses in today’s contemporary world.

Spot Lite Crew is an experimental dance crew formed in 2013 between various dance artists from different parts of Uganda but mainly Kampala, The crew has performed and stage various pieces/productions at different festivals and events and ,it consists of the following members; Bboy Hapi, Pokid, Bboy Pencil Mc, Andy Real and Fazil On Yu. 

If you are interested in connecting with the artists of the event please click here and send us an email.