2018-02-12 Workshop and Contemporary night, Gulu

The Workshop and the Contemporary Night in Gulu, Uganda stretched from the 12 to the 17th of February in 2018.

The workshop was put together and conducted by Robert Ssempijja and Oscar Ssenyonga focusing on contemporary dance and techniques as well as the administrative parts of professional work within art. It was conducted at Luo House, Gulu. Robert Ssempijja is the funder of DREA and you can read more about him here. Oscar Ssenyoga Ssenyonga is a creative economist who uses the art of dance to advocate for social economics and political development. He is the Managing Director of Mambya Events & Production Company, as well as the Artistic Director and overseer of Tuzinne Festival: Where Human Rights Dance.

The Contemporary Night was presented at Lou House as well and below you find the line up for the evening.

A contemporary piece by Peter Munda. To watch the performance click here.
Why do we judge other people? Just because of the way they look like? Because of the colour of skin?  Sometimes we forgot that we are all the same and we all live on this planet it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white – we are all human beings!

Choreographed by Robert Ssempijja and Oscar Ssenyonga as a result of the workshop which was given previously. It was performed by 15 of the artists who attended the workshop.

Lou House Gulu, Gujja Ting African Art, Mambya Dance Company & Mambya arts foundation, Werwaa Foundation and Inspire Me Africa Initiative were some of the sponsors for this event.

If you are interested in connecting with the artists or teachers of the event please click here and send us an email.