The night of many firsts

The night of many firsts. You know when you say that “this was my first time to…”? Well, this was a night of many firsts for me. To have a “first” experience can be powerful and imprint memories which will impact your life and decision making for years to come. But it can also be…

Dance East Africa

Contemporary Dance Nights is a popular platform for dancers from East Africa. The event is organized by Dance Revolution East Africa (DREA) on a regular basis throughout the whole year. The platform makes people from different backgrounds come together to share art and to make a positive impact on their home communities. This event always have DREA’s open ticket policy, where you pay what you can wait for no maximum and no minimum! At the Contemporary Nights, dancers get the chance to share their art and create new opportunities to learn over national, cultural and creative borders. Since DREA is about diversity we truly believe it’s activities is a golden opportunity for artists from all walks of life to come together and bring their contribution to contemporary dance into the development of the society, whilst promoting cultural exchange through movements.

The event reflects DREA’s three goals, which is: (1) to develop collaborations between dancers within East Africa, (2) to initiate and nurture collaborations between East African and international dancers, and (3) to increase audience access to dance in East Africa by bridging the gap between underserved dancers and affluent audiences.

The next event! DANCE EAST AFRICA – A contemporary dance night Performances by dancers from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Congo When: Friday, February 3rd, 2017 Time: 7.00 – 9.00 pm Where: The national theater, CICP Room, Kampala, Uganda. Entrance: Open ticket! Pay what you can – No minimum, No maximum. sponsored by Who :Dance Revolution East Africa , Alliance Frances Kampala,Gujja Ting African Art , Amizero Dance Kompagnie, Muda Africa, Nantea Dance Company , Mambya Dance Company& Mambya arts foundation,Uganda national theater

Contemporary Dance Night – Third Edition!

We want to welcome you all back to us for an experience you have never seen before! It will take place at the Uganda National Theater in the CICP room, 7 pm – 9 pm 1st of April! Observe that this time we want to introduce “Open Ticket”. One of our aims of putting on…

The Revolutionist

Are you up for a performance in world class? Then you really should check out our up-coming event “The Revolutionist” by The Yutta Konvicts dance company. It’s going to be unforgettable so click here to get more information on where to purchase tickets so that you can secure a seat today!

Contemporary Dance Night

We know that it’s late but we would like to thank everyone who came and gave their support on the first Contemporary Dance Night arranged by DREA! You were the ones who made the night completely magical and gave the dancers that extra energy that is needed when you are performing with your audience that…