The first regional contemporary dance night is here and it comes with a week of an intense workshop!

The chairperson Robert Ssempijja was invited to Gulu to teach by the performing artists who live in the region and when he went to meet with them they had wishes to be invited to DREA:s contemporary nights that have been taken place in Kampala. However, we in DREA don’t see the need for the artists to always come to us. One of our main goals in DREA is to support emerging dancers within their communities, so when the artists in Gulu asked us we thought this will be a golden opportunity for us to be able to inspire them within their own community, instead of taking a few of them to the capital. This way we also get the chance to develop the contemporary dance in the region and to make it more accessible as well as known to everyone.

So here we go, only 45 days later, an intense workshop in contemporary dance and techniques is arranged to take place during one week, starting on the 12th of February to 16th. The whole arrangement will end with a Contemporary Dance night on the 17th. The teachers of the workshop are Oscar Ssenyonga and Robert Ssempijja!

The workshop will start with an open class every morning at 9 am – 12 pm at Luo House, Gulu. Thereafter a group of 10-15 dancers will be selected by the teachers to attend intensive training on special choreographies that will lead up to a solo, a duet and a group performance which will all be exposed in the show at the contemporary night together with two guest performances.

The Contemporary Night is taking place at Lou House, Gulu on the 17th at 7.30pm! Entrance: Open ticket! Pay what you can – No minimum, No maximum. Sponsored by: Dance Revolution East Africa , Lou House Gulu, Gujja Ting African Art, Mambya Dance Company & Mambya arts foundation, Werwaa Foundation and Inspire Me Africa Initiative.

BACKGROUND – Contemporary Dance Nights is a popular platform for dancers from East Africa. The event is organized by Dance Revolution East Africa (DREA) on a regular basis throughout the whole year. The platform makes people from different backgrounds come together to share art and to make a positive impact on their home communities. This event always have DREA’s open ticket policy, where you pay what you can wait for no maximum and no minimum! At the Contemporary Nights, dancers get the chance to share their art and create new opportunities to learn over national, cultural and creative borders. Since DREA is about diversity we truly believe it’s activities is a golden opportunity for artists from all walks of life to come together and bring their contribution to contemporary dance into the development of the society, whilst promoting cultural exchange through movements.

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