Words from our chairperson Robert Ssempijja about the last contemporary dance night

I want to build an empire. But there is a long way to go. And I have to start by learning how to build a good foundation first. That is exactly what my focus is with Dance Revolution East Africa and the last contemporary night that happened on Friday the 13th of October. Every time I arrange a show or an event I learn from my mistakes and the mistakes of others. I hope the ones I work with are doing the same. The theme of the night was “young contemporary artists” and we saw them perform and choreograph the pieces for this show. We had the ones who never had been on stage to perform before and we had the ones who were showing their first choreographed piece. We had the ones who were more experienced and we had the ones who wanted to make this night great. It was not perfect as it never can be, and that in itself is the beauty of it. I want to share with you short reviews on all the pieces that was presented and I hope that everyone took something with them from this contemporary night. I also hope that I will see you all and more in the next one!

“CONTROL” – lying down is where our life starts from in our parent’s wombs but with love, we grow up, get hurt and enjoy the heartbeat of the center of the early. The journey of life is not as easy as it seems but it is at the same time beautiful. The future no one knows so let’s live the present and enjoy it fully. In life, we have to choose between the good and bad to get control of our selves. That’s what a young dancer Prisca Atite portrayed as she used the envelope as the message the life gives to us all.

“ALL OR NOTHING” – in the piece performed by Shafic Walusimbi where in the morning birds’ song and we all wake up with dreams of yesterday, determination and hope of fulfilling them. We cross all the limits trying to fulfill what is the dream and the sky is the limit. There is always a joy when we get what we have been looking for at the end of the day. We are happy when we see the sweat of our struggle and hardship but at the end of the day if the struggle is hard and smooth we all meet in the same line so why not help each other out with the journey be with all or nothing the line of the life is the same

“THE WOMAN OF YESTERDAY” – The life of a woman is like a cycle of life. A woman is a Go getter who stops at nothing. A story told by Nambalirwa Joanah and Choreographed by Nabaggala Lillian Maxmillian which tells us that as we get introduced to different ages, steps, and stages of life, our desires change as well, we try to look better every day in our own images. As we chase our dreams, we get interested in different things, and our interests don’t stop there we chase them, run them from the bottoms of our hearts, and enjoy them to fullest but above all yesterday doesn’t define us be we keep moving forward

“MIND AND IDENTITY “- a businessman and a survivor all trying to survive in life but most importantly friends. As the friendship grows everyone has to follow his own destiny, journey and time to allow each one’s thoughts lead. Along the way jealous and rejection comes as a result of pride, comparison, competition among others which actually kill the friendship. But if we put all this aside and be the people who build each other up, who love, forgive and support one another it will be a better for our mind and identity as we were taught through apiece Choreographed by Uncle Walter Ruva and performed by Ronald Bogere and Rasta Kana.

“INHALE AND EXHALE” – Birds singing, enjoy the music, wind blowing, feel the breeze, earthquakes? Play along with the beat, Inhale, exhale, inhale….love yourself more and more each day, keeping smiling, and joyful. We all dream but dreams don’t stay for so long, hope stays forever, let’s love each other, forgive each other because of love and forgives is a revenge we can give the world. Feel the soil, soils of the contemporary night from mother heart love portrayed by guest dancer Vivienne Lutteken with lots of art of fire which provides warmth and light but at the same time can destroy everything that the human being we make choices. So let’s choose love, forgiveness, happiness and above all appreciate the beauty of nature.

“INNER RIOT” – the best way to discover yourself is through silence. We travel to different places, countries, and meet different cultures, languages all these things don’t define us, it’s we who define ourselves. The best way is through silence as presented by Collins Brian Odhiambo choreographed by Fazil On Yu. Stigma, and trying fit in society may break us down at some point as we try to fight segregation, we end up doubting ourselves and think twice about our own selves which may build hate, pain, depression, and sorrow if not suicide… This can change if we know who we are deep inside and to know is through silence.

“FEAR OF THE MIND” – social media tasted, how is people’s reactions, thoughts, and views about us can create the big impact on my mind was the major portrayal of the piece performed by Edrine Matovu and Joel Talemwa as the showed us that people define us with what they see or think which are only assumptions. We end up being with two personalities one of the public and our own being,… This creates fear which can lead to anxiety, and sometimes suicide as we fight what the public opinion can destroy in our minds, we end up trying to escape them as far as we can. Yet the best way is to fight all our fears in order to have a better life and living.

Then I would like to thank everyone who came to our contemporary night and take the opportunity to once again thank all of our sponsors who stand with us when we want to arrange this contemporary nights. Without all of you, this would not have been possible!

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