Our chairperson Robert Ssempijjas review on the last contemporary dance night- Dance East Africa!

With different people from different countries and continents we managed to make it happen at the contemporary night. Seeing different dancer’s from different countries with common sense of mind, love, passion and unity about their motherland Africa.

First we saw a performance from Dance theater Uganda showing us the roots and the strong background of contemporary dance in Uganda (Africa ) this was the answer to the question of why contemporary dancers in Uganda (Africa)  dance the way they do! Showing us the birth of Dance in Africa in general(baganda) as a specific group of people. After came the younger generation of kids aged sixteen and younger from Gujja ting African art. They told us that we cannot always build a future for our kids but we can build our kids for the future. It was such a great performance form the younger generation convincing us that the future of contemporary dance is bright.

During the night we were able to read that “latter to my dear life” from La Baila clinic Uganda. Ooooh, I thought it was a love letter, but I was impressed with how the Ugandan dancer, showed us the journey of one of the African presidents. There after came Mambya Dance Company as always highlighting the plights of Africa voters, who are left at the Macey of ruthless politician. This contemporary itself showed how we care about each other and that we know what happens to the rest of us.

Let us not forget about the amazing piece from Congo in this review. I really think dance is now the best way to express ourselves.

Am proud to be black.
Proud of my culture.
Proud of the color of my skin.
Am proud of myself.

That’s all I can say about the performance frome our Congolese neighbours. I hope all of you felt as strong about it as I did. Then came a young Tanzanian dancer who portrayed how we need each other through nature, the rich, the poor, employees and employers. We need each other like a child needs a mother. Nature is part of us and that’s why nature doesn’t contradict. It works hand in hand and that’s why we have day and night separately.  The performance from Rowanda was massive, I won’t even go there…

The massive shouts about these pieces from the congregation was self-evident that contemporary dance is not only performance but a communication, something that all of us got. This all goes to the team behind Dance Revolution East Africa who put in place such platform for everyone to enjoy and express each others views. 

As the chairperson I can’t wait for the Next show to become possible but form this one I still have the visions, the thoughts, the voices and the cry of our fellow Africans which did echoes inside my heart! I don’t know what will happen in future but whatever that is going to happen is exciting. I can feel it!

Until next time!

Robert Ssempijja, Chairperson of DREA

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